Simple Shaders

Simple Shaders for MCPE

Download Simple Shaders for Minecraft PE: improve graphics and get a clean image on the screen even if you have a weak device.

Simple Shaders for MCPE

These textures are the best option for old phones that do not support more powerful add-ons. Well, do not get upset about this, Simple Shaders do not lose their functions. After installing the file, everything in Minecraft PE will look very realistic and believable. It is enough to look at the sky to be convinced of this.

Simple Shaders

Previously, they were called SSPEShader. The author of Simple Shaders created them to improve the graphics of Minecraft PE on the weakest device. Realism was added to the following aspects: realistic sky, improved image of blocks, very bright and saturated lighting, the incredible color of fire, dynamic animation of plants.

AP Shaders

These masterpieces are suitable for everyone who loves simplicity. Not only is it supported on any device, even the lowest performance. So Simple Shaders are also very small in weight. Moreover, the graphics change not only in the creative game mode but also in the survival mode.

It is important to note the dynamics of waves, the movement of water and leaves among the main improvements. The day and night, the texture of the lava is also well worked out.

The author is constantly updating this Minecraft PE texture pack. However, his personal decision was not to add fog.

Fused Vanilla Shaders

These Simple Shaders have proven themselves very well. The author tried to make them work even with devices with 1 or 2 GB of RAM. Everything is getting very realistic with these textures. They add animation of rain and vegetation.

In sunny weather, a Minecraft PE user can see the shadows that have objects in the blocky world. The clouds in the sky are no longer square but are changed by realistic ones. The lighting is also fully developed, starting from torches and ending with lava.

However, if the device does not pull in power, then the author advises using the version without shadows and turning off the clouds.

Name Version File
Simple Shaders 1.8.0 – 1.20.0
AP Shaders 1.16.0 – 1.20.0
Fused Vanilla Shaders 1.17.0 – 1.20.0

Credits: Brandon Taylor
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