TNT Mod for Minecraft PE

TNT Mod for Minecraft PE for MCPE

Download TNT Mod for Minecraft PE: clear territories on the large areas to create new buildings.

TNT Mod for MCPE

Sometimes many Minecraft PE players do not have enough time to clear the territory. If you don’t want to spend hours on this process, these dynamite mods are perfect for you.

Throwing TNT and Dynamite

The entertainment and power of explosions will appeal to any Minecraft Pocket Edition user. In total, this mod adds four items, thanks to which the player can increase the power of the explosion and organize long distances explosions.

In creative mode, these items appear immediately, and in survival mode, the player will have to work hard to find them.

The participant receives the following items:

  • The TNT throwing block appears in the inventory instead of a snowball;
  • Dynamite with a power of 1x replaces the egg;
  • 2x Dynamite replaces the Ender Pearl;
  • Dynamite with a capacity of 3x replaces a Bottle o’ Enchanting.

This Minecraft PE mod is perfect for a creative mode. When the player generates a landscape with this dynamite, he can quickly clear the territory within a large radius. And an unlimited number of items makes it possible to do this an infinite number of times.

TNT destructive

This mod diversifies weapons with the dynamite of 10 types. The main criterion by which dynamites differ from each other is the shock wave. The force of the shock wave starts from 5x and reaches a maximum of 500x.

Minecraft PE player is not to get confused, there is a mark on each dynamite.

Dynamite is well suited for clearing the territory from the top layer of blocks. In addition to dynamite, the mod adds a nuclear bomb. And also special dynamite appears in the inventory, with which Steve can extract the ore.

And it is very important to observe security measures. Before the explosion, it is necessary to maintain the maximum distance so as not to harm yourself.

More TNT

The developer has created five types of powerful dynamite that will be useful in different situations in Minecraft PE. The strongest explosion will occur with the help of Nuclear TNT. The mod will be useful to those who are looking for resources underground. Players can also defend themselves from enemies by blasting them from a long distance.

Name Version File
Throwing TNT and Dynamite 1.2.0 – 1.20.12
TNT Destructive 1.16.0 – 1.20.12
More TNT 1.20.0 – 1.20.12

Credits: Brandon Taylor
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