Poke’s Fantasy Expansion V1.1.3 | BLOCKY BALANCE UPDATE

Poke’s Fantasy Expansion V1.1.3 | BLOCKY BALANCE UPDATE for MCPE

Have you ever wanted to have an addon that expands the Minecraft endgame and adds:
– 24 new armor sets
– 5 new bosses
– 10 Multitools to assist you in your expeditions
– New rings that can give you unique effects

Well, you’re in luck because with this addon has that and so much more!

This pack is translated from English, but does support other languages. Sorry if this causes any translation issues for non-English speakers.

Things marked with (WIP) are a work in progress and not yet finished.

Note for content creators: You are allowed to make content using my addon as long as you put the original link in the description (Modbay or MCPEDL).

Required Experiments:
– Recipe Unlocking
– Beta API
– Holiday Creator Features
– Custom Biomes

It’s time for another update that adds a ton of new blocks! As well as starting to rebalance most of the armor.

This Update Includes:
– New Blocks
– New Items
– Balancing
– Generation Changes
– Bug Fixes

– Added Bundled Sugarcane
– Added Platinum Upgrade Core
– Added Diamond Upgrade Core
– Added Onyx Battleaxe
– Ore upgraders now take durability damage
– – Note: Vanilla Ore Upgraders have higher durability than the non-vanilla ones
– Pocket Knife can now change Red Mushroom Block, Brown Mushroom Block,
– Mushroom Stem into Mushroom
– Pocket Knife can now change Gilded Melon into Carved Melon
– Pocket Knife can now be repaired with Cobalt Ingots and Iron Ingots
– Pocket Knife now takes Durability when Carving blocks
– Godly Upgrader now upgrades End Godly Ore
– Galaxy Upgrader now upgrades End Galaxy Ore
– Void Upgrader now upgrades End Void Ore

– Added Carved Melon Mask
– Knightling Helmet now has a new texture

– Added Limestone Bulb
– Added Empty Crate
– Added Sugarcane Crate
– Added Charred Poppy
– Added Empty Mug
– Added Coffee Mug
– Added Beveled Limestone
– Added Chiseled Cobalt
– Added Corner Chambered Limestone
– Added Polished Limestone
– Added Smooth Limestone
– Added Limestone Tombstone
– Added Chiseled Limestone
– Added Cobalt Bulb
– Added Chamfered Limestone
– Carved Melon can now be turned into a helmet
– Limestone now spawns from Y = 16-192 [was: 16-128]
– Limestone now spawns in bigger veins
– Cobalt Ore now generates in bigger veins
– Cobalt Ore veins are slightly rarer
– Cobalt Ore veins can no longer generate in Andesite, Diorite, Granite
– Cobalt ore now drops more [1-4 -> 2-9]
– Limestone now takes more time to break [0 -> 0.4]
– Cobbled Limestone now takes more time to break [0 -> 0.5]
– Raw ore blocks now take more time to break [0 -> 1]
– Crafters now take more time to break [0 -> 0.4]
– Ore blocks now take more time to break [0 -> 0.4]
– Interacting with the listener trophy now plays the Listener Boss’ music
– Interacting with the furnace golem trophy now plays Pigstep
– Adjusted the Charred Poppy’s Selection Box
– Adjusted the Zombken’s Selection Box
– Adjusted the Furnace Golem Trophy’s Selection Box
– Adjusted the Listener Trophy’s Selection Box

– Necromancer is no longer a WIP
– Token Trader Now sells Diamond Upgrade Core
– Token Trader Now sells Platinum Upgrade Core
– Token Trader now sells the Furnace Golem Trophy
– Token Trader now sells Carved Melon Mask for 1 Gold Token
– Knightling now has a new Texture
– Knightling now only targets players
– Furnace Golem now drops a Charred Poppy on death
– Demonic Allay now has a new texture
– The Listener now has a new texture
– Red Panda now has another Texture variant

– Polished Limestone can now be crafted with 4 limestone
– Limestone Bricks can now be crafted with 4 polished limestone
– Limestone Brick Slabs can now be crafted into Limestone Bricks
– Limestone can now be smelted into Smooth Limestone
– Void Sword now requires a Hellish Blade
– Nebula Sword now requires a Nebula Stick & Galaxy Bow
– Changed the Listener Boss recipe
– Amethyst Armor is more expensive
– Onyx Armor is more expensive
– Holy Armor is more expensive
– Hellish Armor is more expensive
– Void Armor is more expensive
– Nebula Armor is more expensive
– Galaxy Armor is more expensive
– Astral Armor is more expensive
– Godly Armor is more expensive
– Demonic Armor is more expensive
– All Robes now require a Upgrade Core to craft
– Upgraders now have Different Upgrade cores
– Nebula: Platinum
– – Astral: Platinum
– – Galaxy: Platinum
– – Void: Platinum
– – Godly: Diamond
– – Demonic: Diamond
– – Holy: Diamond
– – Hellish: Diamond
– – Onyx: Diamond

Bug Fixes:
– End Void Ore is now smeltable
– Stone upgrader now properly upgrades Cobbled Limestone to Limestone rather than skipping directly to Limestone Bricks
– Listener trophy now drops itself rather than the floppy disk
– End Void, End Galaxy, End Godly Ore now drops loot again

– The Knightling can now spawn in boss events
– Fixed a typo in the Knightling Helmet’s lore
– Fixed a typo in the Cassette || They Listen’s lore
– Fixed a typo in the Listener Trophy’s lore
– Fixed a typo in the Zombken Trophy’s lore
– Fixed several typos in the token trader’s trades
– Made Netherite Battleaxe text color more readable
– Changed Netherite Haxels text color
– Removed text color for Void items or blocks
– Removed text color for Obsidian Gem Holder

Name Version File
Download Addon (Halloween Version) 1.20.40 – 1.20.30
Download Addon 1.20.40 – 1.20.30

Credits: ItsMePok
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